This is how I made a simple and cheap cat enrichment toy using toilet paper rolls and a box! Now Pepe has to work for his treats!


Items you will need:
Toilet Paper Rolls (quantity depends on the size of box)
Glue Gun
Tape (optional)

First you need a box where the inside is the same height of a roll of toilet paper, I used a shoebox and wrapped it in silver wrapping paper.


Next step is to tie some rope to the back of the box, this allows you to tie the box to a chair for example, so the box stays in one place. You definitely should get this part done prior to adding the toilet paper rolls.


Inside view of the string tied to the box, notice I taped over it for some reinforcement.


The rolls!! FYI Paper towel rolls work just as well, you can cut out 2.5 rolls of toilet paper from just one paper towel roll! I used 31 rolls for this project.


Using a glue gun, apply glue to the rim of each roll and press into it’s position in the box. I found it easier and more convenient to first put my rolls in the box and take them out one by one to glue them.


Almost done! Next step is to tie the string in the back to a chair (or any piece of furniture.)


Pepe wants his snacks! Let’s put them in the rolls and make him work for it!


He’s looking…


Found them!!!!!


Ermahgerd Mommy, this is awesome!!


Finished product!! And I love it, it keeps Pepe busy and I’ve recently stuffed toys in it, like mice, I leave the tails hanging and he pulls them out.