My boyfriend and I were avid players of Minecraft, so for one Valentine’s Day I wanted to make him the sweetest/nerdiest Valentine’s gift ever, Minecraft Cookies!!!

I wanted to make a ‘Creeper’ paper bag to put the cookies in, if you’re not familiar with a Minecraft Creeper, click here.

First I took a Starbucks paper bag and painted it green using basic Acrylic Paint.

Using Painter’s Tape, I covered the handles to avoid getting paint on them.

Applying the first coat…

Two coats later and I painted the bottom black (just because), I let it air dry for 10 – 15 minutes.

Alright, the bag is ready to become a Creeper!

Creeper outline.

The lines have to be straight, so obviously I didn’t want  paint going over the edge of the Creeper, so I covered the outside with Painter’s Tape.

Paint it black, let it dry.

Same step for the rest.

The Creeper Bag is ready!!!!!

I wanted to add a Tag to the bag, a Heart tag would be perfect! On the screen is a Minecraft Heart and I’m using Red, Black and White paper to make it!

I’ve done my measurements and scribbled out how I’m going to make this.
My heart will be 2.25″ x 2.25″ and Each ‘pixel’ is .25″

Got my Black squares all measured out and since the tag is going to fold at the top of the heart I’ve doubled on my measurements from the top to bottom – mirror style.

Red is all measured out, time to start cutting!

Everything is cut out, time to glue these together!

Glued together and folded.

Using a pencil I outlined the phrase “Be My Valentine” in a pixelated/legible type.

Filled it with black and added a heart at the bottom.

Now that the packaging is all set, I’m ready for my true challenge – COOKIES!!!!!

I love Pillsbury’s Sugar Cookies, their ‘Ready to Bake’ cookies are amazing. But when I use cookie cutters they lose their shape after they’re baked, I guess they use too much butter, I don’t know. But I learned that if you add one cup of flour to every package that should fix the problem – and it worked!!

Sorry for the blurry pic, I added the flour and began kneading it. Now it’s ready to be rolled out!

All rolled out.

I created my molds with construction paper. Using a knife I cut them out. The square cookies will become Creepers and Grass Blocks.

Ready to be baked!
(Bake at 350 for 15-18 minutes, depends how you want your edges to turn out, I baked mine for 18 minutes)

All baked and ready to be decorated! I used Betty Crocker Cookie Icing Green, Red and Chocolate.

I apply the first layers and refrigerate them for about an hour. The Creeper’s first layer is their green background, the first layer for the hearts is their chocolate outline – this will make filling it in with red easier. The first layer for the grass block is the bottom half of chocolate (not shown in this picture.

After an hour I applied the Creeper’s second layer, it’s face, with chocolate. The Grass Block got it’s second layer, grass on the top half. The hearts were filled in with red (not shown in this picture).

At the last minute I decided to add a little square to the hearts. The square is supposed to be white, since I didn’t have white icing I cut little squares from leftover cookies I made.

I applied the square while the icing was still wet and let refrigerate for another hour.

My cookies are all done!!!!!!

I put wax paper inside of the bag before putting the cookies in.

Put the cookies in, add the heart tag.

Minecraft for my valentine! <3