It’s no secret. I care more about how I wrap your gift than the actual gift I made or bought for you. I’ve kept a collection of my favorite gift wrappings and I decided to release them in a multi-part series!


Serial Killer

One of my all time favorites!

  • Top: I found a black and white collage of serial killers and various fictional murderers. The size of the gift was small enough for it to be printed out on 8.5 x 11 glossy paper.
  • Middle: Using the end of a paint brush, I spattered some “chili pepper” paint from the Jacquard Pinata Colors to create the blood spatter effect over white wrapping paper (all of this was done PRIOR to wrapping it).
  • Bottom: I designed and printed out yellow crime scene tape and wrapped it around solid black wrapping paper.



Road Trippin’

I used road maps as the wrapping paper for these gifts. Did you know that if you’re a AAA member you can get road maps for free?! I chose a thick green yute ribbon to use as the ribbon and bow for it’s earthy tone which compliments the colors in the road maps.



Christmas 2008

Inspired by a gift bag, I made every gift look like they were in gift bags! This beautiful paper had a velvet-like texture that made you not want to open the gift for fear of tearing it. Sometimes a bow is not necessary when you have enough detail and/or embellishments to enhance the gift. In an effort to not take away any attention from the beautiful paper I decided to keep everything else black: the tags, the ribbon and the handle. Adding the handle took a little of extra work and it was the last step when wrapping the gift (while folding the last flap). I used a xacto knife to make the holes where the rope would go through and I taped the ends of the rope to the inside of the paper, thankfully they all held up!