When I meet someone in person or over the phone I am always waiting for that question “How do you pronounce that?”

I used to carry a picture in my phone of a giant “L” covered in moss, it was the best visual-aid I’ve found for showing people how to properly pronounce my name. After constantly pulling out my phone, unlocking it, opening my camera roll and scrolling till I found it – they usually lost interest. I know that my name is rare and it takes some repeating before it sticks, and I like to have a sense of humor about it so I had to come up with a more accessible way to pull out that visual-aid and get the people I was meeting to say “oh, now I get it!”

I headed to my favorite store, Michaels, bought some Moss, a wood “L” and I used some Mod Podge to glue it all together. I then drilled a small hole through the top of the “L” and inserted a key chain ring. Now I carry it with me almost everywhere I go, always ready to make an appearance as soon as I hear “How do you pronounce that?”